Safety Driving Solutions is an innovative start-up company, based in Italy, within the beautiful land of Liguria.
We are young, dedicated people with a special investment in all that is safety related and a particular interest in all the topics regarding vehicles security and driving.

S.D.S. is ISO 9001:2015 certified


Our goal is to improve risk management on the road, the core idea behind the development of our breathalyzer: the DRIVE-1


DRIVE – 1 l’etilometro automatico

Unique of its kind, Drive – 1 is smart, accurate and reliable

DRIVE-1 is equipped with an innovative ethanol reading system which automatically analyses the airflow inside the vehicle cabin. No direct interaction with the driver is required.

The cabin airflow is continously monitored. When alcohol level > 0 are detected, the breathalyzer block the engine – starting phase only – and sends an alert notification – starting phase and marching phase, through dedicated APP

Il Drive-1 is fitted with a buit-in GPS tracker, which reports vehicle position in real time



DRIVE - 1 sends the vehicle’s data, alerts, Status, GPS position, on a dedicated cloud platform: My drive – 1

The user can control his vehicles data either accessing the platform desktop version or through mobile APP

In case of an alert, the user will receive either an email or an APP notification on his device

The user can verify in real time, vehicle position and route


Ideal for freight and cargo companies, bus fleet and public transportation, DRIVE 1 is an invaluable resource granting greater security,and less damage on property. And most importantly: a decrease of alcohol related accident.